Our Services

KB4 Care provides home care services without affecting clients’ independence and addresses existing routines and special circumstances in clients’ homes. Care can be from only 30 minutes a day to several visits as required. Clients receive tailored care packages based on their individual requirements.

Personal Care

Among the services our Carers offer is assistance with personal hygiene and daily routines. With our array of personal care packages, we can assist you with your daily activities from the comfort of your own home.

We can help with:

Live-in Care

As an alternative to moving into a care home, live-in care is increasingly popular. Providing live-in care means that a caregiver resides at the client’s home to help meet the client’s needs. Therefore, they can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even at night, if needed. However, they are allowed to take breaks.

A live-in caregiver might be right for you if you need assistance with:

Palliative Care

The team at KB4 Care believes at the end of life, people have a right to choose where to spend their final days. Most people prefer to spend their last days at home. Taking care of you and your family in their final days is our speciality.

Home care for palliative care can include:


The purpose of companion care is to offer non-medical support and care to older adults or those who are likely to become or have been experiencing loneliness. Companion care allows a caregiver to visit a service user at home. The caregiver assists with simple tasks, plays games, and encourages the service user to get out and about.

Caregiver Companions keep your loved one socially engaged at home. They can accompany them to social events, to friends’ homes, or to local attractions.

Care Companions can help with a variety of activities;

Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease can result in increasing support and care needs. In order to meet these needs, a dependable care provider is necessary. We provide families and individuals who need support with dependable home care and support. When we provide dementia care at home, our service users are maintained in a familiar and reassuring environment. We provide caregivers with extensive experience to assist dementia clients with various daily tasks.

We fully commit to supporting our clients and their families with the appropriate education and resources to ensure that they can understand this process and access the help they need to continue living as independently as possible.

As dementia develops, dementia patients’ care and support needs may increase. Likewise, we understand that these needs differ from person to person, as each individual has different wishes and experiences. That’s why we take a person-centric approach to care for people with dementia.

Respite Care

The purpose of respite care is to allow primary caregivers to take a short break from their work. It is possible to arrange respite care or emergency temporary care for a short period of time, for example for an afternoon or evening but also for a few days or weeks. Families and friends might need relief from caring for a loved one from time to time. The respite care we provide can help Carers relieve the emotional and physical demands of caring for a loved one or friend, and give them the opportunity to take part in community activities.

Waking Night

Throughout the night, the caregiver is on duty for at least eight hours. We recommend this option when you or a loved one wakes several times, perhaps disoriented or needing to go to the bathroom. This may be the best option for you if you wake periodically during the night to change positions or if you have to administer medications regularly. We provide you with expert support throughout the night, when you need it, by waking night care professionals.

Sleeping Night

Care professionals are on duty round-the-clock for eight hours each night. If you or someone you love wakes up multiple times, perhaps disoriented or in need of the bathroom, this is the best support option for you. If you wake frequently at night, either to change positions due to an injury or to administer medicine regularly, this may be the best choice for you. As and when you need them, your waking night care professional is on hand for the duration of the night, offering expert guidance and support to you.

Sitting Service

The feeling of being totally dependent can set in when taking care of yourself becomes too hard. Many seniors are forced to leave their homes without support, even though they feel most comfortable there. In fact, relocation to a retirement community may not be the best option for everyone. It would mean losing important connections with family, friends, and communities for many.

KB4 Care wants to make sure every person has access to the type of care that best suits their needs. We provide 24 hour support to you or a loved one through our Sitting Service. Throughout the day and night, two primary caregivers will provide day-to-day support.

Sitting service can include;

Domestic chores

An elderly person, or anyone who needs additional assistance with a wide range of home-related needs, can receive domestic help as a form of home care. Domestic help is intended to provide support while allowing the service user to retain as much independence as possible.

Domestic help can include;